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Hope for Sickle Cell Organization provides the opportunity to donate towards the financial support of sickle cell patients who are in direct need of medical assistance.


About Us

Hope for Sickle Cell is a non-profit organization based in Maryland which has teamed up with a clinic in Nigeria, where sickle cell disease is prevalent. Its mission is to heighten awareness for the sickle cell disease and financially support sickle cell patients in need of medical assistance. Our goals are to develop a better understanding of sickle cell disease and to prolong the life expectancy of a sickler in Nigeria. This will be carried out through spreading awareness and collecting funds to advance research towards a feasible cure.


This project is very important because many people have lost loved ones to the sickle cell disease. There is currently no cure for this disease. Furthermore, life expectancy for sickle cell patients in the developing world is considerably less than patients afflicted with this disease in the developed world. Sickle Cell not only affects those who have the disease, but also those who are carriers of the trait. In order to have healthy children, a carrier must be conscious of the possibility of the sickle cell trait in his or her partner. Ignorance of this awareness can result in the premature death of a sickler child. The Hope for Sickle Cell Organization seeks to provide the medical assistance necessary for sickle cell patients to live comfortably and extend their life to its full potential.


If you wish to donate money towards the cause, click the button below. This is a non-profit organization therefore 85% of the funds go directly towards the medical needs of these patients and the continued effort to discover a cure. The remaining 15% is used to promote Hope for Sickle Cell Awareness.

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